Life can be hard...
So we gathered almost 100 soulful teachers, healers, artists, dreamers and mentors and asked them if they would share their wisdom and knowledge and gentle teachings in a circle we call Brave Girl University.

These teachers (together with thousands of students around the world) have helped us create a safe, loving, healing, encouraging, beautiful place for women to come together and learn things about life and love and loss and sisterhood and bravery...
Women from all over the world have been brought to this circle to heal, relax, learn new things, overcome, find peace, find friends, make art, get quiet, take care of themselves and lead more whole lives.

Here's what some of them have to say...

Years of therapy never got me to feel this way but having a community of women lifting each other up, not being afraid to be themselves, all that Brave Girls Club has turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. So again thank you for sharing.

Thank you for this class. I was hesitant at first. Thinking it was best to just forge ahead through the holiday. This content soothed, challenged, and comforted me these past few weeks. Thank you for the different options It has been helpful.

This moved me profoundly. Your bravery rocks and is sooo inspiring. I am a ‘new” Brave Girl and this video will forever move me forward COURAGEOUSLY during times where FEAR might try to influence me. Thank you so very much. Brave Girls has come to me at a time where I have often felt like giving up hope, giving up completely.

I am a newly recovering addict and this is absolutely where I need to be.

Thank you for helping me open a small desire to feel “Joy” about me and helping me see that I deserve the love I have for others to be brought to myself in a very natural way.

I loved listening to you and the way you share your truth. I have been many many years searching for me and my truth, you sharing yours brings me closer to mine.I enjoyed being in your light.grateful...


No words, but my soul sang the message to me with you all. Stunningly sacred.


Love Love Love Love!!! Priceless lessons that I’m so thankful to have right now. Something we can cherish and pass down to our generations of Brave Girls all over the world. An inspirational blessing to treasure!

Individually the classes taught in Brave Girl University would cost thousands of dollars.
Bringing so many teachers together and offering their soul-healing classes
as a subscription means you pay only a minimal fee instead of full price.

(Just $24.95/month for access to hundreds of classes)
with videos, podcasts, printables, step-by-step instruction, projects and more! 
Come see what it's like to sit in the circle and be part of the Brave Girl tribe. We think you'll love it and stick around forever, but if you change your mind...there are no contracts, and you are free to cancel at any time with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

 Live your best life. Start today.